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EVA EsseEsse9

price : 380,000 EGP
EVA EsseEsse9

EVA EsseEsse9


: 380,000 EGP

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2 Months
Delivery time

230-400 Km
EST range

200 Km/h
Top speed

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ike all our motorcycles, the EVA EsseEsse9 has an exclusive feature: all three charging options – Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3 and DC Fast Charge Mode 4, all provided as standard. In the EVA EsseEsse9+ version this means the longest range of any electric motorcycle: 400 km – 249 miles of city range, 230 km – 143 miles of combined city and highway range, and 180 km – 112 miles of extra urban riding: no motorcycle in this class has greater range – or faster charging, at least 82% faster than any other electric motorcycle on the market. If you want even more acceleration, select the RS Version.

Relaxed, refined, easy to ride, and very, very beautiful – yet loaded with power. Classic Italian Style.

The Energica EVA EsseEsse9 is powered by an internally oil-cooled, permanent magnet AC electric motor delivering 180 Nm – 133 lb-ft with our patented 13.4 kWh air-cooled battery with vertical cooling channel.

The unique design ensures that top speed can be sustained without any loss of power, and without the heat that makes summer riding on typical IC bikes so uncomfortable.

Our motorcycle charges at least 82% faster than any other electric motorcycle and is also the only one to feature all three types of EV charging: Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3 and DC Fast Charge Mode 4.

13.4 KwH
Battery type
Lithium polymer battery
Charging cycles
1200 Cycles
Charging time
3.5 hours
Engine power
80 kW
EST range
230-400 Km
Dashboard, Connectivity, Vehicle control unit, Traction control, Cruise control
Top speed
200 Km/h

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